Look at the industry through a new employee’s eyes

The July issue of Fuel Oil News contained great examples of the ways in which industry employers have addressed the challenges of recruitment and retention.

How the industry looks to one of its newest recruits

A focus on this topic wouldn’t be complete without hearing from both sides and, with excellent timing, Hampshire-based Rawlings Fuels recently proudly announced their newest employee, Zoe Pedley, so we took the opportunity to see the fuel distribution sector through Zoe’s eyes.

Zoe has joined the sales team at Rawlings Fuels as a sales advisor. Jane Scarlett, business development manager for the company, shared a little more of Zoe’s background prior to coming into the industry.

A passion to succeed

“Zoe came to us from Herts Rental Car after being with them for 5 years,” Jane explains. “Having studied music at college for 3 years Zoe was entered into X factor Basingstoke when she was 18 and she came first!”

Zoe’s success was not entirely surprising to those who knew her well. She has a passion for music and especially loves jazz, soul and indie. Zoe also lived in China for 5 years and sang with the local school band and, aged just 6, was the youngest person in the choir at Sailsbury.

It’s clear that Zoe’s passion doesn’t stop with music, as Jane explains: “Zoe has never worked in the fuel industry before, but her enthusiasm and passion to learn has shone through – not only with us but also our customers.

“Having joined our sales team as a sales advisor taking orders by phone or email our customers already tell us how impressed they are with their interactions with Zoe. She has quickly become a highly valued member of our team at Rawlings.”

As one of the industry’s newest recruits we asked Zoe to share her thoughts about it so far.

How long have you worked in the industry?

“I have worked in the industry since September 2022, and since the day I started I have loved every minute; the team; the customers; the fast-paced environment.

What do you enjoy most about operating in fuel distribution?

“The thing I love the most is the feeling that you have made a difference and helped somebody.

“We often have customers ring up who have run out of fuel, and we are always there at the end of the phone to offer a warm and comforting solution.

“There is no problem so big that we cannot solve it. Rawlings is the real meaning of helping the community.”

Who inspires you in the industry?

“My biggest inspiration is the amazing team I work with. Every single one of them is filled with such knowledge and wisdom, and I have learned so much from them in the 9 months I have worked in the industry.

“Their kindness and dedication are such an inspiration and if I’m half the person they are in the future I know I have done right.”

“Take the leap and you will not regret it.”

What advice do you have for somebody new to, or considering, the industry?

“The best bit of advice I can give would be – take the leap, and you will not regret it.

“Every person you meet is a potential door to a new opportunity so build good bridges because you never know how they’ll weave into the larger picture of your life.

“By joining an oil distributor, not only will you be helping to provide energy for the world, but you will also learn how to use the best equipment a facility can offer and meet amazing people at the same time.”

What do you hope the future will bring?

“I’m excited for whatever the future has in store. And I will forever be grateful to Rawlings for giving me this amazing opportunity.”

Zoe clearly applies her passion to do well to everything she undertakes, and we have no doubt we will be hearing more from her on her journey through the industry. Good luck Zoe!