Top Fuel Oil Distributors and Logistics

UK Mainland

2024(2023) CompanyNumber of tankers
1(1)Certas Energy900+
2(2)Watson Fuels293
3(3)NWF Fuels160
4(6)Your NRG119
5(5)Goff Petroleum111
6(4)Rix Petroleum100
7(7)Johnston Oils97
8(9)Crown Oil94
9(7=)WCF Fuels77
10(10)Ford Fuel Oils72
11(11)New Era Fuels64
13=(16=)Barton Petroleum49
13=(15)Highland Fuels49
13=(14)Mitchell & Webber49
16(12)WP Group47
17=(16=)Craggs Energy Group45
20(20)Gleaner Oils41

Distributors are ranked by number of tankers supplied to Fuel Oil News in January 2024.
If you feel you should be included in the above list please contact with your latest tanker fleet number

Source: Fuel Oil News February 2024

Republic of Ireland

 Rank CompanyNumber of tankers
1East Cork Oil Co194
2Corrib Oil110*
3Certa Ireland103
4Klass Oil52
5Valero Marketing41
6Sweeney Oil24
7Glen Fuel Services21
8=Tria Oil18
8=Ultima Oil18
10M&J Kelleher17
Top Oil remains a significant distributor in ROI with the most recent confirmed figure of 120 in 2020.
*correct as at 2022

Northern Ireland

 Rank CompanyNumber of tankers
1Nicholl Oils120**
2LCC Oil110
3Patterson Oil36
4Bangor Fuels35
5AH Fuel Oils25
6Thompson Fuels18
7Morrow Fuels16
8WR Kennedy & Sons12
9P Ferguson & Sons11
**Correct as at 2022

Figures, taken on trust, were provided in January/February 2024.

Fuel Oil News respects the wishes of some distributors who chose not to disclose figures. 

Source: Fuel Oil News March 2024

Top 10 logistic companies 

2019 (2018)Company Number of tankers
1(1)Hoyer Petrolog366
3(2)Turners (Soham)215
5(3)XPO Logistics178
6(7)Greenergy Flexigrid156
7(6)Reynolds Logistics145
8(8)Suckling Transport 125
9(9)Suttons Transport 38
10(-)Clugston Distribution21

The list of the top 10 UK fuel logistics companies is based on size of tanker fleet. Figures, which were taken on trust, were provided by the individual companies.

Source: Fuel Oil News August 2019