Hytek is HVO-ready

Given the increasingly important role HVO has to play in decarbonising the liquid fuel sector, industry equipment supplier, Hytek has been working hard behind the scenes to ensure its products and solutions are compatible with the renewable liquid fuel.


 We caught up with Andy Seal, Commercial Manager for Hytek, to find out more about the company’s efforts to be future fuel ready.

At Hytek, we understand how HVO can help businesses transform their futures. For some time now, we’ve been working away in the background to ensure many of our market-leading products and solutions are compatible with HVO. We’re delighted to confirm that our entire range of diesel equipment, including our Pumptronics Pumps and O.L.E. Tank Gauges, are fully compatible with HVO, having undergone several years of rigorous testing procedures, with no adverse effects.

 HVO, an engineer’s dream

As a drop-in alternative to diesel, HVO really is an engineer’s dream. It’s odourless, with zero FAME, sulphur and fossil content, which significantly reduces issues associated with diesel bugs. HVO is a type of fuel that is able to resist diesel bugs and water contamination. It has excellent cold weather properties, with a low cloud point of -32° C, which reduces the likelihood of waxing during low temperatures. Additionally, it has a higher flash point than other fuels, which means it is less flammable and safer to handle and store.

Important factors when switching your customer to HVO

The biggest recommendation we make is to follow good housekeeping rules. Ensure that your customers’ fuel storage tanks are clean and free of diesel bugs. Also, make sure that the existing dispensing equipment is serviced, filters are either cleaned or replaced, and meters are calibrated.

What do your customers need to know?

  • As well as offering up to 90% lower emissions, HVO has an impressive 10-year storage life.
  • HVO offers improved performance in all conditions, even at lower temperatures, with better MPG.
  • Some customers may be able to claim a fuel rebate by using HVO.
  • It’s important to use a reputable supplier. Check that your HVO adheres to the British Standard for paraffinic diesel fuel specification EN15940, which governs cleaner transport fuel for vehicle road use.

Fuel of the future

HVO is a fuel of the future, and we’re thrilled to see increased interest in our products for use with HVO in recent months. We are also delighted to confirm that we are currently in discussions with a company to provide a dispenser that will be used to blend HVO with diesel.  This will help keep the overall price of fuel down, as well as provide the numerous benefits we have highlighted.

Our team of seven technical research, development, and product support experts are ready and waiting to assist with any inquiries you may have. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service and would be delighted to hear from you.

Image credit: HYTEK (GB) Limited