In Profile with Andy and Lisa Wech of Sodbury Fuels

Welcome to December’s edition of our special monthly feature which gives you the opportunity to ‘meet’ industry figures and, hopefully, to discover another side to them beyond the well-known facts. In this month’s special double feature, we chat with Andy and Lisa Welch, the husband-and-wife team from Sodbury Fuels.

In Profile with Andy and Lisa Wech of Sodbury Fuels

Please give your career history in 25 words or fewer

Lisa – I worked in the financial services industry for years and then moved into fuel distribution.
Andy – Started off as a chef/baker, a milkman, then passed my class 1, worked at a local quarry, then moved to livestock, then into fuel with Silvey Fuels, Oamps, and now Sodbury.

Describe yourself in 3 words

Lisa – Andy described Lisa as hardworking, a fighter and kind. 
Andy – A grumpy bugger!

What were your childhood / early ambitions?

Lisa – I wanted to be a weather girl.
Andy – A milkman.

Describe your dream job (if you weren’t doing this?)

Lisa – I would love to own a craft shop – a bit like Hobby Craft!
Andy – An astronaut.

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?

Lisa – We haven’t had lots of business advice; we just get on and get it done! 
Andy – Work hard and manage/focus on what you’ve got.

Share your top tips for business success

Lisa – You need to work hard, put in long hours, and give blood, sweat and tears!
Andy – Turn up and get the job done. If you don’t, it doesn’t happen. That – and always answer the phone!

What’s your most recent business achievement of note?

Lisa – We’ve had a new truck this year and got another one on order.
Andy – The business is growing. It isn’t easy but we’re doing well. We put the effort in, and we care a lot.

Tell us your greatest fear

Lisa – Dying.
Andy – I’m not a fan of snakes!

Which is most important – ambition or talent?

Lisa – Ambition.
Andy – Ambition.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Lisa – Feeling happy being able to help people and getting paid – LOL!
Andy – Helping people and being there for people when they need us.

Which is the quality that you most admire?

Lisa – I really admire people that are honest and caring.
Andy – Trustworthy. 

What are you most likely to say?

Andy – “For F*** Sake – not again!”

What are you least likely to say?

Lisa – “Do you want a cup of tea?” I don’t make hot drinks. I’ve never drunk a cup of coffee!

Describe your perfect day

Lisa – In the pub with friends, I think!
Andy – A day trip to Bristol, a walk around the harbour, then going out for Sunday lunch and having a few beers.

Do you have a favourite sports team?

Lisa – No.
Andy – Not really, but I do quite like watching the rugby when I get the time. 

What’s the biggest challenge of our time?

Lisa – General life is a big challenge!
Andy – Cost of living. It’s having such an impact on everyone.

Cheese or chocolate?

Lisa – Cheese.
Andy – Chocolate – Maltesers are my favourite!

Share your greatest personal achievement

Lisa – Having my son and the fact he has chosen to come into the business with us.
Andy – My three fantastic sons, my marriage to Lisa, and Sodbury Fuels!

What’s your pet hate or biggest irritant?

Lisa – Andy’s snoring!
Andy – Lisa having the telly on too loud when I’m trying to sleep upstairs!

If you were elected to government what would be the first law you’d press for?

Lisa – Do things to help people that are hard working.
Andy – Do more to help people in need.

If your 20-year-old self saw you now what would they think?

Lisa – You should have stuck to being a mortgage advisor! I work so many hours in fuel distribution.
Andy – Why don’t you emigrate to Australia!?

What is number 1 on your bucket list?

Lisa – Win the lottery.
Andy – Be mortgage free.

What 3 things would you take to a desert island?

Lisa – My insulin and my phone. 
Andy – Lisa, a BBQ, and some Carling!

Tell us something about you that people would be very surprised by

Lisa – I’m type 1 diabetic.

Who would you most like to ask these questions of?

Lisa – Robbie Williams
Andy – Davina McCall

What’s your best Christmas joke?

Lisa – “Who is never hungry at Christmas? The turkey – he’s always stuffed!”
Andy – “What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck? A Christmas quacker!”