A busy time at Hytek

To say it’s been a busy time at Hytek over the last few months would be an understatement. With the fuel dispensing equipment supplier excited to be releasing their latest catalogue we catch up with Andy Seal, Commercial and Marketing Director, to find out the latest news.

A busy time at Hytek

“As we continue to get back to our very best, we’ve been ruthlessly focused on making our service to our customers the best it has ever been,” Andy shares. “And I’m pleased to say that I think we are getting there.

“In amongst a wide range of improvements, there are perhaps three things that I feel most proud about.”

The new Hytek catalogue

“Known at Hytek HQ as ‘Andy’s baby’, I am personally thrilled to have launched our latest full catalogue,” Andy says. “Before we began this project, I spent some time talking to our customers about whether they felt, in the digital age, that we still needed a good, old-fashioned, printed catalogue, and the resounding response was that we did. And that was all we needed to hear.

“We also asked if they would like to see any changes. The overwhelming feedback was to increase the font size and to return to a more technical approach.

“So that is what we have done. Hopefully most will have received their copies by now, but anyone who hasn’t can just get in touch and we will have one winging its way sharpish.”

First class products

Product development has always been at the heart of Hytek and Andy shares the latest updates: “Recently, we launched the Hytek SmartGuard remote tank monitoring liquid level sensor, and I, for one, think it’s a fantastic product. It’s an ultra-rugged, robust remote liquid level sensor, suitable for both mobile and static units, with a battery that lasts over 5 years. It’s also IP65 rated, ensuring it can withstand fine dust, water and oil spray.”

“With other key features and impressive reporting capabilities it really is a cracking product.

“In other product news, we have extended the range of our own Hytek Engineered products and we are also pleased to confirm that the Pumptronics C-Series pumps have been reapproved for resale. Look out for the new products codes; codes ending with a V denote the pumps can be verified. We are approved to verify in house, saving you time and hassle on site.”

Industry partnerships

An advocate of strong sector relationships, Andy is clearly excited by the latest news from Hytek. “We’ve always believed in the importance of building relationships with quality organisations in our sector who can help us provide the best possible products and services to our clients, he explains. “So, we are pleased to now be an authorised UK distributor service and technical centre for the first-class Tecalemit Fuel Management System.

“You can read much more about this in a separate piece in these fair pages (Editor: see page 12), but, suffice to say, being able to offer the Tecalemit Fuel Management System significantly enhances our solutions for our customers.”

Looking to the future

With a continued focus on business development Andy concludes: “We always value honest conversations with our clients and welcome any feedback or, indeed, if anyone just wants to shoot the fuel management breeze, then please do get in touch.”