Kingspan tank monitor launch strengthens distributor offering

Kingspan Sensor, part of the Kingspan Water & Energy division, and one of the leading global manufacturers of fuel tank telemetry devices, is bringing a number of additional operational and commercial benefits to distributors with the launch of its Watchman Radar solution.

Kingspan Watchman Radar tank monitor launch strengthens distributor telemetry offering

The ATEX-approved device has been designed using advanced communication technology to future-proof its operational capabilities.

The unit is quick and easy to fit with no requirement to drill holes to install it on a plastic tank (even if bunded). The Radar device simply sticks to the outer surface with the radar-based sensing technology measuring tank levels through the tank wall with accuracy and precision.

The Bluetooth installation is also simple, using an easy-to-follow step- by-step guide within the popular ‘Watchman Toolbox’ smart phone app.

Remote management of customer fuel tanks

Data from each unit is transmitted back to Kingspan’s award-winning, cloud-based Connect Sensor platform.

By accessing the platform, distributors can download information from customers’ fuel tanks, enabling tank populations to be managed entirely remotely using online tools with support as required.

The data can also be imported into third-party software systems to further automate the process such as setting tank level thresholds to enable the system to automatically flag tanks that need refilling and generate a ticket without the need for any manual input.

Using the information delivered by the Watchman in this way, distributors can benefit from logistical savings, greater driver productivity, optimised higher fill volumes, improved customer retention rates, and a reduction in ‘left on boards’.

New micro-payment option enables rapid scale-up

“The Watchman Radar solution is unquestionably one of the most innovative oil tank telemetry devices currently on the market today,” says Nick Hawkins, Kingspan’s commercial director UK & Ireland.

“Telemetry is now widely being deployed by our customers across the industry as fuel suppliers look to optimise their fleets and increase customer loyalty programmes in today’s problematic times.

“As well as the new Watchman Radar solution, we have also launched a new micro payment option to meet the increased industry demand.

This allows our customers to scale their telemetry deployments much quicker than before.”