More than an upgrade: how advanced smart tank telemetry delivers a strategic business advantage

Magnus Monitors, a provider of smart tank level monitoring solutions, continually innovates technology and services to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Magnus Monitors

Recognising the challenges faced by those in fuel distribution and their need for precise, reliable and cost efficient tank monitoring the company has developed a reimagined next-generation smart telemetry solution.

Driven by innovation, customer feedback, and a desire for operational excellence, Magnus evolves its solutions to meet changing customer needs to ensure their operations are efficient, their costs are reduced, and their tanks are monitored with the highest level of precision and reliability.

We consider here some of the developments introduced by Magnus to deliver the future of tank monitoring.

Enhanced responsiveness

In terms of tank level monitoring, the ability to quickly respond to level changes is critical. Through customer feedback, Magnus has identified the need for real-time alerts to potential issues such as theft, low fuel levels, or service needs. To address this, Magnus Monitors has introduced advanced AI-driven algorithms that enhance both responsiveness and intelligence through the use of real-time data processing, that enables the accurate detection and notification of anomalous level changes, ensuring immediate action can be taken by stakeholders.

Enhanced battery saving

A key client requirement for IoT based telemetry solutions is battery longevity, particularly in remote or difficult-to-access locations. The next-gen solution includes innovative intelligent monitoring capabilities that can distinguish between significant and minor level changes. When no change or minimal change is detected, the device records the data but delays transmission, opting instead for periodic updates that aggregate the collected data. This significantly reduces power consumption, extending battery life and reducing the frequency of service call-outs.

The monitor is also configured to utilise standard, off-the-shelf, alkaline batteries, which can be quickly and easily replaced by the end user, simplifying serviceability.

Real-time GPS tracking

For customers managing mobile fuel tanks, the ability to track both location and tank levels in real-time is invaluable. GPS-enabled monitors provide precise location asset tracking, coupled with continuous tank level monitoring, allowing for efficient routing and servicing of mobile tanks, avoiding unnecessary delays.

Range extension

The existing cellular data-based monitors from Magnus provide exceptional network coverage for more than 99% of the population across both the UK & Ireland. There are, however, customers with tanks located in poor signal settings, such as underground or within steel clad structures that block mobile data signals. Magnus Monitors has tackled this issue by adding gateway / repeater technology to its monitors. This next-generation solution can extend the signal range, to ensure reliable communication for monitors on tanks previously considered to be unserviceable.

Mesh monitoring

For customers, with multiple tanks that require onsite monitoring, mesh monitoring solutions can scale, both technically and commercially. By introducing distributed mesh monitoring, the Magnus system can aggregate data from several tanks, processing and reporting it through a single gateway. This not only simplifies the monitoring process but also significantly reduces the cost and complexity of deploying monitoring solutions across multiple tanks, offering a streamlined and cost-effective approach to tank level management.

AI enabled dispatch planning

As the scale of tank monitoring operations grows, so does the complexity of managing service schedules and dispatches. Intelligent AI-powered systems analyse data to offer actionable insights for service planning. This allows Magnus customers to optimise their service schedules, increasing efficiency and reducing operational downtime for customers.

Locally monitored – remotely serviced

Magnus Monitors is planning the launch of a significant innovation in tank level monitoring which utilises a simplified deployment model. Alongside the traditional SIM-based comms, the next-gen monitor will incorporate alternative, cost-effective remote connectivity. This will significantly reduce both capex and opex requirements for fuel distributors. This enables customers to deploy a business intelligence led monitoring service cost effectively.

In conclusion, advanced smart tank telemetry isn’t just a technological upgrade; it’s a strategic business advantage. By leveraging real-time actionable data, businesses can optimise operations and grow sales, while enhancing customer satisfaction to achieve a strong, measurable return on investment.

Award winning

At the annual industry EXPO, held in Liverpool on April 10th and 11th, Magnus Monitors was announced as the winner of the UKIFDA Innovation Award for 2024, sponsored by Fuel Oil News.

Image credit: Magnus Monitors