FoxInsights tells distributors that it’s all about the data  

A company that was in attendance at this year’s UKIFDA Show & Conference as both an exhibitor and a sponsor is FoxInsights. Already popular as the sponsor of the pre-dinner drinks, the solutions provider proved to be high on the list of ‘must-visit’ exhibitors thanks to the products they had to talk about.

A company working with distributors to deliver business benefit through data.

Enabling companies in the energy, mobility, and recycling sectors to optimise business processes and resource efficiency using intelligent tank data analysis, FoxInsights has already earned the trust of more than 180 partner companies across Europe with more than 100,000 fill level sensors in the field.

“Based on the idea of remote tank monitoring, we develop data-driven, customer-oriented, and measurably successful solutions that create real added value for sales, marketing, and logistics.

“Through data collection and analysis as well as the use of artificial intelligence our holistic solutions answer the question “how much is in the tank?” and derive recommended actions that allow our partners to map the needs of their customers, forecast ordering behaviour, improve route planning, and reduce truck kilometres per litre delivered.

Intelligent solutions saving time and money

FoxInsights shared some exciting developments at this year’s event.

“Decision-making based on real time data is becoming increasingly important given the extremely volatile energy market.

“We have developed our DispatchingAI service, based on artificial intelligence, to answer the question: who really needs a delivery right now? This allows our partners to further optimise their logistics and reduce operational costs by up to a third!

“We have also developed our SalesAI service, which calculates both order probabilities and predicted order quantities of end-customers daily and per tank, enabling our partners to achieve a higher success rate in outbound sales, as well as significantly reducing the workload of their sales teams.

“On the hardware side, we gave our FoxPressure fill level sensor a complete overhaul. It now offers more connectivity options, as our FoxRadar already does, and also now comes with GPS tracking and improved cable routing for more flexible installation, which is especially beneficial for underground tanks.”

A proven range of highly beneficial solutions saw FoxInsights win the German Innovation Award in 2022 as well as being highly commended as an Innovation category finalist at the UKIFDA EXPO Awards. With the latest innovations adding significant additional value to their services, FoxInsights urges attendees to meet with them in Coventry to find out more, sharing some of their own data-driven insight.

“We can see in our data that, because of the easy-to-use remote monitoring and the resulting transparency, customers consume less, and tank utilisation increases by 10%. We have also seen the impact of the current energy crisis: the temperature-adjusted consumption of heating oil in the UK in 2022 decreased by 7% compared to 2021!

Have confidence in the data

“Use and trust the data!” FoxInsights urges fuel distributors. “We feel there is much room for using data when it comes to optimisation of sales, logistics and marketing which can help alleviate the pressure on businesses. Cold calling should be a thing of the past in 2023.

“The longer deliveries continue in a high frequency customer segment without using data, the more money will be wasted. The data is already out there. The industry just needs to increase its confidence in its ability to use it.

“Further, invest into systems which can talk to each other simply via APIs. You can have the best data, but if you cannot transfer it into the right tools, it loses its value. So therefore, all their existing partners for CRM tools, logistics tools etc. should get ready now to be connected easily and fast.”

FoxInsights is also looking to widen its network and find opportunities for collaboration: “We want to introduce ourselves to more distributors in both the UK and Ireland, to connect with stakeholders of the industry, understand their challenges, and exchange experiences as well as offer solutions.

Convinced that its solutions help distributors to do business better, it would also like to work more closely with other companies in the same space to maximise these benefits as they explain: “We’d also like to connect with companies that offer similar solutions in this sector to identify collaboration options to create an extended value chain.”

Having the advantage

The passion FoxInsights has for working with distributors to deliver a real business benefit is clear and, as they can’t emphasise enough, it’s about the data!

“Sales teams and dispatchers are doing an amazing job, there’s no doubt about that but we also believe that adding reliable data to that, helps to stabilise and optimise processes and grow the business.

“The data serves both as a basis and a backup, and it opens up new business models for suppliers to serve customers according to their requirements. To identify these needs, all suppliers with insights into their customer’s tanks have the advantage now.”