Craggs Environmental to double in size, coverage and capacity

On 18th December 2019 Craggs Environmental, one of the UK’s leading fuel and tank infrastructure servicing companies, acquired the LCM Environmental business and combined the two companies to double their size, coverage and operational capacity.

With various sites across the UK, the primarily Hampshire-based LCM Environmental has a rich history in the industry and provides a broad range of fuel management and environmental services, which include man entry tank cleaning, fuel sampling, polishing and tank decommissioning.

“This is really exciting news and I’m delighted to welcome the team from LCM Environmental into the business,” commented Craggs Environmental’s CEO, Chris Bingham.

“This acquisition not only provides us with a wide range of new equipment and a new fleet of vehicles, such as vacuum tankers and fuel polishing rigs, but it also joins our teams to over 40 staff members, bringing together a vast range of skills and industry knowledge; increasing the services to our large combined customer base.

“Both businesses have a combined history of over 32 years in the industry, so, I am confident that this acquisition will not only provide a seamless transition for LCM customers but also provide a high-quality service which puts us in the running to be the largest fuel service maintenance company in the UK.

“We have a very exciting and busy time ahead of us, as the opportunities for the expanded business with such a broad range of skills and experience are simply huge.”