Focusing on fleet safety


This autumn the Freight Transport Association has a range of initiatives and events designed to help with fleet safety starting with the Safety in Logistics conference this Wednesday (12th October)


“Using a mobile phone hands-free may not be illegal but it is still a distraction,” says Elaine Cromer who will be talking from personal experience at the Safety in Logistics conference.

“The message I really want to get across is that you need to be concentrating fully when driving – distractions when you’re behind the wheel can change a person’s life.  It’s not about the law, or breaking the law – it’s about saving people’s lives.”

Other key sessions will concern technology and data; enforcement of load security by DVLA; making the most of vehicle safety systems and new sentencing guidelines for corporate manslaughter and H&S offences.

EU commercial vehicle legislation and developments will be among the topics for the 2016 Fleet Engineer Conference which takes place in Warrington on 27th October.  Chaired by FTA’s head of engineering, Andy Mair, on the agenda will be the very latest developments in commercial vehicle technology, forthcoming maintenance legislation changes and best practice advice for those with responsibility for specifying commercial vehicles, ensuring roadworthiness compliance and maintaining vehicles. 


Drivers and cyclists encouraged to Think! at left turns

The Department for Transport’s latest Think! safety campaign which runs until 23rd October is encouraging cyclists to hang back at junctions so they don’t get caught between a lorry and a left turn.  Activity will centre on London and Manchester – the two cities in England where the highest number of cyclist deaths occur.

“This DfT campaign highlights one of the key danger zones – the blind spot at the front left of an HGV,” said Christopher Snelling, FTA’s head of national and regional policy.

“New design innovations such as transparent cab doors all have a part to play in improving safety in the long term but increased awareness can have immediate impact. FTA encourages all HGV drivers and cyclists to visit the campaign website to find out more about this important message.”

For more information on the campaign see

FTA’s Shared vision report can be downloaded at

In London a ‘five star truck safety plan’, announced by the Mayor of London has been described by the FTA as ‘a much more targeted approach and a step in the right direction’ to which the “industry will need time to adapt.”