Improving operator safety

Alpeco 430px
Striving to continuously improve its product range, Alpeco has launched a new radio remote control system
Two new products to help improve operator safety and efficiency have recently been launched by Alpeco.
NEW radio remote control system with integral digital counter
A robust handset incorporates a digital display which replicates the counter display of Alpeco’s vehicle mounted TE550 electronic register. This allows the operator to monitor delivery volume and gives stop/start and hi/low flow control of the meter, whilst supervising the delivery at the end of the hose.
The range of the new remote exceeds 200 metres and when outside its operating range, the handset display flashes. When delivery is complete and the electronic truck meter has printed a delivery ticket, the remote display on the handset automatically resets to zero.
NEW ADTUBE additive applicator
This provides a simple, cost-effective means of dosing fuels with additive when it is not possible to dose directly into a customer’s storage tank. The applicator is available in both one and half litre sizes and can be filled with the correct ratio of additive for the fuel, when connected to the tanker product return spout. 
Additive is then mixed with the fuel by recirculating within the compartment or drawn through the manifold during delivery to the tank. The applicator is purged clear of product by activating the product return blow down.
“Our programme of continuous development keeps us very much at the forefront of this industry,” said marketing director, Adrian Baskott. “We continuously strive to improve our product range – sometimes we tweak functionality, other times we launch new products or redesign existing ones, but the aim is always to improve safety and efficiency at all levels.”