Reynolds Training Services partners with Smartflow on ISGOTT V6 app

Reynolds Training Services, an award-winning provider of safety and compliance training for the bulk liquid storage and energy sectors has announced a strategic partnership with Smartflow, a leading digital solution provider for the tank storage industry.

The partnership aims to leverage the benefits of digital ISGOTT 6.

The collaboration focuses on delivering a digital solution which ensures ISGOTT v6 compliance and drives clear communication and operational excellence.

ISGOTT: beyond compliance

The International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals (better known as ISGOTT) provides clear guidance on how the operational interface between vessel and terminal should be managed safely.

This includes the completion of a structured document referred to as the Ship Shore Safety Checklist (SSSCL). The Smartflow solution is designed to ensure that filling-in the checklist goes beyond simply ticking boxes by offering features that streamline procedures, improve communication and enhance data-driven decision-making.

Prioritising safety and operational efficiency

With safety and technical competence core values for Reynolds Training Services, the partnership has been forged to empower terminal operators and tanker crews with the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently navigate the requirements of ISGOTT v6.

The company views Smartflow’s cutting-edge digital platform, designed specifically for ISGOTT v6 compliance, as a valuable asset in ensuring the safety of every individual involved in bulk liquid transfers between oil tankers and terminals.

John Reynolds, Managing Director of Reynolds Training, shared his excitement about the new partnership: “We’re proud to be associated with Smartflow’s ISGOTT solution, as we believe this cutting-edge application contributes greatly to the correct use and accurate completion of The Ship Shore Safety Checklist.

“This helps ensure safe loading and off-loading operations.”

Centralising information exchanges

John was particularly supportive of the move from the traditional paper-based system to a more collaborative online platform: “The digital format improves communication between the vessel and the terminal, which enhances safety.”

“As a provider of technical and safety training, we are keenly aware of the importance of clear communication in high-hazard operations and the importance of underpinning this with demonstration of competence relevant to the role.

“The beauty of the Smartflow solution is that it centralises the information exchange between tankers and terminals (and provides an easily accessible database of historic details), providing clear recognition of the information being exchanged and removing the confusion that might come from email exchanges, for example.

“The Smartflow solution, in my opinion, underpins the core principle of ISGOTT: providing clear communication and enhancing safety of terminal operations”

The beauty of the Smartflow solution is that it centralises the information exchange between tankers and terminals.John Reynolds

Jelle Swanenberg, COO of Smartflow commented: “We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Reynolds Training, a strategic move focused on harmonising operational excellence and skills with our digital platform.”

He also regards this move into the digital sphere as a great leap forward: “Smartflow’s advanced ISGOTT solution, in tandem with Reynolds’ industry expertise, marks a pivotal moment in elevating operations within the tank storage sector.

“This collaboration empowers terminal professionals with enhanced skills, knowledge, and cutting-edge tools, representing a significant step towards a more efficient and technologically advanced future for tank storage terminals.”

This will, no doubt, be just one of many ways that modern digital technology can help improve safety and efficiency in the bulk storage sector.