Unveiled! Fuel Oil News Tanker of the Year winner for 2023

Certa Ireland and New Era Fuels have been announced as joint winners of the 21st Fuel Oil News Tanker of the Year Award in the most fiercely contested competition yet. 

Hotly contested industry competition sees first ever joint winners.

Certa Ireland demonstrates winning upgrade strategy

The team at Certa Ireland are hugely proud of their fleet upgrade strategy that sees them jointly awarded the title of Fuel Oil News 2023 Tanker of the Year.

Certa has made significant changes over the past 3 years and upgrading the fleet has been a key strategy in the Irish distributor’s growth.

Brian Hynes, Operations Fleet and Compliance Manager, explains: “In recent years we have grown from Emo Oil, carried out two major acquisitions, Campus Oil and Jones Oil, and have finally become Certa.

“It has been an exciting number of years, and we are now a fleet of 100 – up from 32 in the Emo Oil days. Following the acquisitions of Campus and Jones we began the challenge of rebranding our entire fleet as well as investing in 11 new ones with more to follow from Road Tankers Armagh and Delaney Commercials.”

The vibrant colours of the new brand are a real head turner.

Leading the transition

“At Certa we pride ourselves on Safety First,” Brian continues. “And will continue to invest in the best-in-class oil tankers and the most modern and sophisticated technology to ensure our drivers are as comfortable, efficient, and most importantly as safe as possible. We have also run our entire fleet on HVO for the last 12 months saving 1700 tonnes of CO2.”

Certa’s winning entry perfectly reflects a company strategy that echoes the transitioning sector – successfully integrating several established and valued brands into one forward-looking one, as well as embracing the energy transition.

New Era Fuels is driving to the future

New Era Fuels is proud to see the company’s drive towards a modern and sustainable future recognised with the Tanker of the Year 2023 award.

Brought in as part of the company’s bold step towards a sustainable future, New Era Energy proudly entered their latest fleet addition – the brand-new DAF XF.

This revolutionary tanker showcases a cutting-edge mirrorless design, not only enhancing aerodynamics but also overall visibility for a safer, more efficient journey.

Championing a sustainable future

James Hunt, Managing Director, tells us more about this innovative tanker: “With advanced technology at its core, the DAF XF efficiently pulls a state-of-the-art 41,000 capacity COBO trailer, setting a new standard for optimal performance and transportation capabilities. Meticulously engineered to deliver peak efficiency, this dynamic duo seamlessly combines power and precision.

“What makes this DAF XF even more remarkable is its commitment to sustainability. Just like the rest of our forward-thinking fleet, this tanker runs on HVO, effectively reducing CO2e emissions by up to 90%.

“Our passion lies in championing a sustainable future. As a consultancy-oriented business, we encourage customers to explore new-generation alternatives like HVO.

“Although renewable fuels are not yet widely available at forecourts across the UK, we have been at the forefront of advocating renewables since 2017, well before the gradual phasing out of fossil fuels gained prominence.

“New Era Fuels is proud to have the UK’s largest HVO footprint through our extensive rigid tanker depot network. Our distribution has surged from half a million litres of HVO in 2020 to an impressive 60 million in 2023. Leading by example, fuelling our own fleet with HVO, we advocate the same for our customers.”

The New Era entry was a worthy joint winner for notable innovation in tanker design, with exciting new elements, as well as for its clear focus on sustainability.

Our congratulations to Certa Ireland, New Era Fuels and manufacturers Road Tankers Armagh and Cobo as well as all those involved with the winning tankers.