Total fuel control with the Hytek remote tank monitor

The next generation O.L.E. tank gauge

Total fuel control with the Hytek remote tank monitor

Since 1st April 2022, when there were significant reforms in the use of Gasoil (red diesel) resulting in an increase in the cost of fuel, many businesses have been looking to ensure they can keep a close eye on their fuel. This is no more apparent than in the plant, construction and agriculture sectors, where fuel tanks are often moved from location to location and, even, lost. This results in the loss of thousands of pounds worth of fuel. We have a solution to this in the form of our new remote tank monitor.

Not another fuel monitor

We’ll forgive you if this was your first reaction, but we do think this one is different. For example, if you are an oil distributor, it allows your customers to set up a reseller account that means you, as their distributor, can view stock levels and schedule deliveries. With the low-level alert (sent via SMS or email), you (and they) will never run out of fuel.

Why accuracy matters

Many low-cost fuel pumps have nutting disc flow meters that, at best, have an accuracy of +/-1%, with the final top of a vehicle’s fuel tank pushing this accuracy out by up to +/-5%. Our remote tank monitor offers an accuracy of just +/-0.5%, making it a highly accurate addition to your set up, helping to save money in the long run.

Detailed data management

Viewed via a web portal, the remote tank monitor provides a wealth of useful data. It checks the tank contents once a day, but takes a reading every three minutes to check for any alerts. These alerts are user-defined and include things like a sudden loss of fuel (which could indicate theft). Adaptive tracking allows you to keep an eye on tank movement, and the available data includes tank levels, fuel type, battery life, and signal quality.

Other key features

It is weatherproof, with an IP65 rating, offering additional protection against dust. It can monitor all types of fluid, including diesel, HVO, biodiesel up to B100, all oils, clean or dirty, and Adblue®. It’s easy to supply and install –  with a 1” BSPP male tank fitting that requires a 1” BSPP female fitting on top of the tank, and it comes with the first 12 months SIM card and data hosting included.

Take control of your fuel

The HYTEK remote tank monitor is not just another tank monitor, it’s the very definition of total fuel control. With a 5-year battery life, it’s an ideal enhancement to existing tank gauges on site where customers want to see remote data as well as have the extra option of GPRS tank location tracking, sudden loss and fill alerts notification via SMS/email.

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