Zoë Colbeck appointed to support delivery of Solent Cluster low carbon vision

The Solent Cluster has announced the appointment of Zoë Colbeck as its new Project Manager to provide a focal point for Cluster activity and help drive the vision for the Solent to become a leading centre for low carbon investment. 

Solent Cluster appointment aims to help drive vision to become leading centre for low carbon investment. 

The Solent Cluster is a cross-sector collaboration of international organisations, including manufacturers and engineering companies, regional businesses and industries, leading logistics and infrastructure operators and academic institutions, with decades of proven expertise in carbon capture and storage and hydrogen technology. It aims to grow the regional economy, protect skilled jobs, and create new employment opportunities in the energy technologies and industries of tomorrow.

Zoë joins the Cluster with extensive experience in climate change mitigation and sustainability projects and is driven to make a difference for communities and the planet. In previous roles, Zoë developed, executed and led funding plans for sustainable projects, engaged and influenced various stakeholders, and represented high profile organisations across broadcast and live events.

“The Solent Cluster partnership represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create real change in energy production and consumption on the south coast, and I am really excited to join the team and lead the project. I’m thrilled to be working alongside some industry leaders, global organisations, universities and the local government to create a low carbon future that will benefit the local economy, the region and the UK,” said Zoë.

Leading area for low carbon investment

“We are delighted to welcome Zoë to the team, she is incredibly passionate about the environment and driving a positive change. Supported by years of experience and expertise in the conservation and sustainability sectors, we believe Zoë will be a great asset to the project, and are confident she will help the Cluster reach its goal for the Solent to become a leading area for low carbon investment, now and for the future,” said Stuart Baker, project director at The Solent Cluster.

Since its launch in November 2022, The Solent Cluster, which is the only project of its kind in the region, has welcomed over 55 members. As well as offering the prospect of lower carbon energy for homes, businesses, public buildings and transport, The Solent Cluster will also help decarbonise industries in and beyond the Solent region by capturing, processing and storing their emissions.

The Cluster is currently awaiting the announcement of Track-2 cluster funding from the government as it works towards its requirement of reaching net zero emissions by 2050. Government expects that support for Track-2 clusters may include access to capital support through the CCS Infrastructure Fund and Net Zero Hydrogen Fund, and revenue support mechanisms through technology-specific business models.