TOTY 2022 Runner Up: RTN – working hard to create solutions to customer problems

Whilst Road Tankers Northern was the winning manufacturer for the Fuel Oil News Tanker of the Year award for 2022 for the 4-wheeler fuel tanker submitted by fuel distributor WCF Chandlers another RTN tanker also caught the eye of the judges and was deemed worthy of a mention amongst the runners up.

Demonstrating the tanker manufacturer’s commitment to delivering solutions for customers

Demonstrating the tanker manufacturer’s expertise and commitment to delivering solutions for its customers, this impressive tanker was built for W. H. Malcolm Ltd, a company based in Renfrewshire, Scotland that provides logistic services as well as engineering, plant hire, construction and other services.

Adrian Mason, sales executive for Road Tankers Northern, explains why this was such a unique challenge.

“I was approached about building this truck back in 2021. The customer wanted to put both fuel and AdBlue on the same tanker for delivering to their own plant and equipment.

“Fuel is our speciality so an Aluminium 20,000ltr single compartment barrel was fitted to the front of the chassis along with an Alpeco metering system with product return and bulk delivery.

“AdBlue, although harmless to humans, is corrosive and crystalises very easily so this meant opting for a separate 2500ltr stainless steel barrel on the rear of the chassis.”

Problem solving

“This AdBlue barrel was also a single compartment with its own hose reel and pipework and all built in stainless steel. Since stainless steel and aluminium are dissimilar metals, if they come into contact with each other corrosion will take place as the metals react with each other so we followed the design and shape of the aluminium fuel barrel and created a gap between them.

“The AdBlue is run from a separate hydro- pack and is a standalone system separate to the fuel side. AdBlue is delivered at a much slower rate than fuel so the system pumps much more slowly than on the fuel side but this is also adjustable by the customer.”

It was a challenge to find the right solution for the customer but very satisfying to complete such a unique, problem-solving build and one which RTN was very proud of as Adrian shares: “It was a long build compared to a standard tanker but once complete on the back of the Scania 8×2 chassis I am sure you will agree that it’s pretty impressive.”