Mobile fuelling moves to Manchester

Shell has announced that its contactless fuel delivery service, TapUp, is expanding to the northern city of Manchester.
Fuelling on site is not only convenient, it also reduces environmental impact and increases productivity. Fleets will not have to be driven miles to refuel, reducing associated emissions and refuelling can be done quickly with no need to plan for constant refuelling, saving time and improving efficiency.
The expansion comes as the region experiences an increase in its need for clean, contactless mobile fuel delivery. Since the start of Covid-19, Shell has increased its support for fleets providing essentials services such as parcel delivery, logistics, food delivery and construction.
Tim Bennett, general manager for Shell TopUp Europe, said: “We will have a well-established and fully utilised fleet in Manchester very soon. We will be supporting our growing customer base in their energy transition by providing cleaner energy and alternative fuels via Shell TapUp.”