In Profile – Jane Raphael

In the March issue of Fuel Oil News magazine, with April marking the first anniversary of her retirement, we caught up with Jane Raphael, a familiar face to many of you as the former editor of Fuel Oil News magazine. Find out a little more about the person responsible for bringing you all the news from the industry for over 21 years.

  1. Give your career history in 25 words or fewer.

Marketing/Communications – industrial safety equipment followed by fashion and household goods. Did a PGCE and taught for 7 years before joining Fuel Oil News in May 1999.

  1. Describe yourself in 3 words.

Focused. Measured. Gregarious.

  1. What were your childhood / early ambitions?

Initially teaching then retail, chose marketing.

  1. Describe your dream job.

Any role that would enable me to travel extensively, meet people, write, photograph and report back.

  1. What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?

Believe in yourself.

  1. Share your top tips for business success.

Research, listen, learn, look after, and know, your staff and be open to new ideas.

  1. What’s your most recent business achievement of note?

Retiring last April after 21 years as the well-respected editor of Fuel Oil News and Oil Installer.

  1. Tell us your greatest fear.

A debilitating illness.

  1. Which is most important – ambition or talent?


  1. What was the best thing about your job?

I always very much enjoyed meeting all those working in the fuel oil distribution industry. Travelling across the UK and Ireland to learn more about the industry and telling its stories was a pleasure.

  1. Which is the quality that you most admire?


  1. What are you most likely to say?

Can I come and talk to you?

  1. What are you least likely to say?

Anything negative!

  1. Describe your perfect day.

Exploring any new place here in the UK or further afield. Add warm sunshine, good company and excellent food and wine – perfect.

  1. Do you have a favourite sports team?

Absolutely not! With my father being a medal winning sprinter and my mother a gifted tennis player, having a not so sporty daughter came as a shock!

  1. What’s the biggest challenge of our time?

Addressing climate change.

  1. Cheese or chocolate?


  1. Share your greatest personal achievement.

In May 1987 George Davies, then head of the Next fashion chain, offered me the job of launching the brand-new Next Directory.

  1. What’s your pet hate or biggest irritant?

People who disrespect the countryside with litter, fly tipping and poo bags!

  1. If you were elected to government what would be the first law you’d press for?

Stopping HS2 and its total disregard for the countryside.

  1. If your 20-year-old self saw you now what would they think?

Like most people you’ve had your highs and lows over the years but you’ve enjoyed the ride with no regrets.

  1. What is number 1 on your bucket list?

To travel round India.

  1. What 3 things would you take to a desert island?

Suntan lotion, my mobile phone and my husband Rob who is far more practical than me.

  1. Tell us something about you that people would be very surprised by.

Back in 1974 I accepted a dare at height of the ‘streak’ phase. Suffice to say I have only run round one university campus in that fashion.

  1. Who would you most like to ask these questions of?

My husband’s former shipmate on HMS Jupiter, HRH, the Prince of Wales.

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