Adler and Allan – Britain’s biggest fuel management and quality provider

On Tuesday 5th November, Adler and Allan announced the acquisition of the Fuel Facility Management (FM) division of LCM Environmental Ltd (LCM).

Andrew Clarke

LCM’s Fuel FM division conducts a range of forecourt maintenance and compliance testing services, for a number of major forecourt and commercial clients and delivers these services across the UK. The purchase of the division further enhances Adler and Allan’s position in the fuel forecourt market making it Britain’s biggest fuel management and quality provider.

The division will be incorporated and renamed Adler and Allan and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Adler and Allan. The sale includes personnel and equipment which have been transferred with it. The remainder of LCM will continue to trade as usual.

“The acquisition of LCM’s Fuel FM division, enlarges our forecourt business, allowing us to offer a wider proposition and serve our forecourt customers even better,” said Andrew Clarke, Adler and Allan’s forecourt services managing director.

“The acquisition enhances Adler and Allan’s proposition to deliver a full end-to end solution from initial fuel design, through asset resilience and preventative maintenance to emergency response and waste removal and processing.”

Key facts:

  • Over 20 depots across the whole of the UK
  • UK’s largest response group with over 500 trained operating staff including over 120 environmental consultants
  • Attended over 1,000 emergency pollution callouts each year for the last five years
  • 250+ UK organisations have emergency response contracts with Adler and Allan
  • Adler and Allan maintains over 100 million litres of fuel at client facilities annually