Distributor Diaries January 24: the latest updates from our distributor community

WCF Fuels North West: turning feedback into forests

WCF Fuels North West, the Lancashire based distributor, has launched an innovative approach to sustainability – turning customer feedback into forests.

Distributor Diaries January 24: the latest updates from our distributor community

“We have been using Feefo since 2019, and have already seen amazing results. It is the world’s largest verified reviews provider to fund tree-planting projects in return for honest customer reviews.  

“We are aware that our customers are interested in making more sustainable choices, and we wanted to offer something that would have a positive impact on the planet and boost support for our business from like-minded customers.

“We are happy that Feefo has partnered with reputable climate solutions specialists Ecologi to source its tree-planting projects. Ecologi, in turn, works together with genuine project providers who are engaging with local communities to restore landscapes. These tree-planting projects nurture seeds to have the best chance of growing into full-grown trees.

Why now?

“With the trend of the conscious consumer on the rise, we wanted to boost our own climate action and find a way to help our customers enhance their sustainability journey.

“Customers are increasingly choosing to purchase from sustainably conscious businesses, and we have been waiting for this feature,” explains Gemma Hogg, General Manager. “It will build on our ethical journey and support our sustainability ambitions.

“As a business we recognise, and embrace, what sustainability means to the modern-day consumer. We aim to meet our customers’ environmental expectations and gather more feedback, whilst helping to reduce carbon in the atmosphere.

“During our own sustainability journey, we have gained three eco labels: Empowered Employees, Real Living Wage Company and we give to charities. We will continue to work internally to champion ongoing sustainability improvements.”

Allan Stobart: The Grumpy Duck!

Allan Stobart Lubricants and Fuels, the Carlisle-based fuel and lubricant distributor, is incredibly proud of driver, Dominic Brown.

Dominic has recently become a published author after starting a children’s book series. The series is based on life in Cumbria – something Dominic knows a lot about! The first book in the series was called Allan the Grumpy Duck and the second book has just been released – Allan to the Rescue!

Dominic explains where he found the inspiration for the series: “I commissioned a painting from an artist in Manchester in memoriam of the old bridge at Pooley Bridge in Cumbria. I requested other personal elements be included in the painting – such as a certain number of swans – and the artist also included a little duck in the car park. “That is how the idea for Allan the Grumpy Duck was born!”

Allan the Duck rescues Flip Flop the Seagull!

The second book tells the tale of how Allan the Duck comes to the aid of a seagull called Flip Flop. Flip Flop gets lost in a storm and accidentally lands on the side of an Allan Stobart Lubricants and Fuels tanker – a tanker which happens to be very similar to the one the author drives for a living!

The story is set across Cumbria and features local landmarks and shops centring around Silloth and Pooley Bridge, including the iconic Big Fella sculpture, the Verey Bookshop, Cumbria Classic Coaches, Silloth Chip Shop, and many more.

Dominic explained more: “As the characters travel across the Lake District, it seemed like a great opportunity to feature one of the distinctive blue tankers of Allan Stobart’s in the story – and I also really love the fact that Allan Stobart is the only oil company to ever be featured in a children’s book!”

There are already drafts for third and fourth instalments.

We can’t wait to read more, Dominic! If you have any talented team members with a passion outside of work that they would like to share, then please get in touch:

Crown Oil – supporting local charity at Christmas

Crown Oil, the Greater Manchester-based distributor, has been busy supporting one of their chosen charities – Home-Start.

Home-Start has been supporting families across the Pennines for nearly 25 years, helping in Rochdale, Heywood, Middleton, and Bury, with the belief that a secure and happy childhood is key to giving children a good start in life and helping them to achieve their full potential.

Crown Oil shares Home-Start’s belief and approached them to see how they could help. Home-start suggested that they could donate pyjamas for the children that they look after to help them keep warm over the winter. To ensure that no child went without, teams across the business managed to donate a pyjama set to each of the 227 children!

Matt Greensmith, Managing Director, said: “Our Charity Committee do great work supporting local causes throughout the year, but always seem to find a way to go the extra mile at Christmas – the response from our teams is evidence of how Home-Start’s great work resonates with us, and we’re incredibly proud of the level of support shown by the staff here at Crown Oil.” 

Compass Fuel Oils supports Galloways Society for the Blind

Compass Fuel Oils, the Penwortham-based fuel distributor, has recently become a member of Club 1867, a newly established business club. The club enables Compass Fuel Oils to support one of its chosen local charities – Galloways Society for the Blind.

Galloways is a sight loss charity which has been supporting people with sight loss in the Northwest of England for over 150 years.

Nick Heath, Director at Compass Fuel Oils said: “Galloways is a local charity that needs local support. They do a fantastic job, and it is only right that Compass Fuels supports the cause. We are proud to be associated with Galloways Society for the Blind.

“We will be donating 10p from every order placed, which means customers can feel good knowing their chosen supplier is helping and supporting the local community for the blind.”

Chelsea Crossey, Communications Manager at Galloways said: “Special thanks to everyone at Compass Fuel Oils. Your commitment to our cause is truly appreciated, and we are delighted to welcome Compass Fuel Oils to Galloways 1876 Club. Your contribution is vital to our mission, and we look forward to achieving great things together.”

Award success for TheStop at The Hollies! 

Certas Energy is delighted to announce that TheStop at The Hollies won the Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration (APEA) Health and Safety Performance Award at the APEA industry awards in November.

TheStop at The Hollies is located just off junction 12 of the M6, on the A5 towards Cannock. It’s one of the oldest and best loved truckstops in the UK and is now owned by Certas Energy who has invested over half a million pounds in improving the site and facilities.

Tim Shepherd, Head of Fuel Cards, said: “There has been significant investment in putting health and safety first by Certas Energy. The Hollies, TheStop is the oldest truck stop in the UK and is a great example to show that with focus and development, you can ensure health and safety standards are exceeded.”

Moorland Fuels expands product line with introduction of Flame 35 industrial heating oil

Moorland Fuels, the Devon-based fuel distributor, proudly announced its latest milestone in enhancing fuel solutions in the area with the addition of Flame 35 industrial heating oil to its product offering.

This expansion is made possible through the installation of a state-of-the-art 40,000-litre capacity tank by Moorland Fuels’ sister company, LCM Environmental.

“Flame 35 industrial heating oil is known for its exceptional quality and has been designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses within the region,” says Abby Turner, Sales and Marketing Director at Moorland Fuels. “It provides a reliable and efficient solution for industrial heating applications and is the second additional product added to the portfolio over the last year, the first being HVO (Hydrogenated vegetable oil) which is a 100% renewable alternative to diesel. These new product lines reaffirm Moorland Fuels’ commitment to delivering premium fuels that support the region’s diverse industries.”

“This investment marks a significant milestone for Moorland Fuels as we continue to grow and enhance our offerings to better serve our customers in the Southwest,” Abby continues. “The Flame 35 industrial heating oil, coupled with the cutting-edge tank infrastructure, positions us as a reliable partner for businesses seeking efficient heating solutions.

“The new tank not only represents a substantial investment in Moorland Fuels’ operational capabilities but also opens new opportunities and gives more competitive options for businesses. The increased storage capacity ensures a consistent supply of Flame 35, enabling Moorland Fuels to meet the rising demand for high-quality fuels in the region.”