Argus and IMO 2020

Argus, which was the first price reporting agency to launch assessments for IMO 2020 compliant fuels in 2018, has produced a transition timeline infographic highlighting the key milestones to look out for.
Additionally, during International Shipping Week, Argus will be holding a free forum on 9th September to explore the impact of IMO 2020 in more depth.  The company’s consulting and editorial teams will be discussing the effects of this era defining regulation change.
Topics include:

  • How scrubber adoption will affect HSFO demand in the future
  • How long will large pricing spreads persist between HFSO and IMO compliant fuels
  • Refinery upgrades and probable 0.5%S FO supply scenarios by region
  • Beyond 2020 – compliance, future regulation, and possible effects on the market
IMO 2020 Infographic