Everything that a manager of people needs

Over several years, Robbie Rouse, a qualified teacher, trainer and HR professional, has been designing, developing and refining Evalu-8.
His innovative new cloud-based software package measures competence, identifies training needs and supports every aspect of a company’s human resources (HR) demands.
For companies still using a manual process and spreadsheets to record employee matters, Evalu-8 offers an easier way to measure and monitor an employee’s skills, knowledge and behavior. It also facilitates the setting of targets and KPIs to measure both qualitative and quantitative information and makes it possible to identify areas of strength and weakness more objectively.
Robbie has a strong background in fuel oil distribution, having latterly spent over four years as talent and HR director at Craggs Energy, where he launched a sales academy and helped hone the performance of the company’s sales team. Robbie has also held roles at Certas Energy, GB Oils and Company Fuel Cards where he was instrumental in recruiting, training and managing a new fuel card business.
“I’ve developed an HR suite where everything can be done via an electronic portal including storage of contracts, CVs, company handbook etc, with each employee able to access their own dashboard. Every aspect of the software is configurable and being cloud-based, information can be accessed anytime, and from anywhere.”
Evalu-8, which costs £1.75 per month per employee, is currently being trialled by fuel distributors keen to monitor sales and/or driver performance. Those using have found that it helps identify employees who are underperforming which in turn leads to more constructive feedback and better coaching.
The system, which records sickness, absence and lateness, also works out commission and bonuses and enables employees to book in their holidays within the parameters set by their company.
“Producing a series of reports ensures that managers can better analyse the reasons why some perform well whilst others underperform. Being fully objective makes it easier to deliver feedback and to see if improvements have been made once feedback has been given.
“With not all drivers being IT literate, some may need assistance in using the software but that’s been the only issue reported to date,” said Robbie.
Evalu-8’s launch has not only attracted the attention of those focusing on sales and telemarketing in fuel distribution; but has also sparked interest from diverse sectors including schools looking for a system that allows parents to see how their child is performing in class.
“We’re still in the early stages but so far so good,” said Robbie who plans to exhibit at FPS EXPO 2019 next May.
“During my time in the fuel industry, it became clear that technology and the need to make quality sales calls were fast becoming the real drivers. Since then I’ve spent much time thinking about the creation of a tool which would help people better manage their teams.”
Talking to managers and directors, Robbie discovered there was a real need for an employee management tool. When asked to sum up his new product and what it does, Robbie said:
“The short answer is it does everything that a manager of people needs it to do!”
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