Live demonstrations at your depot

To book MechTronic’s no-obligation demo, email
To book MechTronic’s no-obligation demo, email

After positive feedback at this year’s FPS show, MechTronic has commissioned a new van – a mobile showcase –  which can now bring live equipment demonstrations right to your doorstep.

“The integration of OptiMate, VisiLevel and StockSmart eliminates cross-contamination, ensures high speed delivery, driver safety and delivers product security, and our mobile showcase is the ideal opportunity for you and your drivers to get hands-on with the equipment and ask any questions,” says sales engineer Brad Wilkie.

“OptiMate incorporates a class-leading turbine meter that delivers accuracy and repeatability. Lines purged, product returned and even the emptying of the manifold can all occur automatically, ensuring that your multi-product deliveries are guaranteed against cross-contamination and that driver errors are a thing of the past.  OptiMate has a simple user interface that utilises just three robust buttons, fuel delivery suppliers can instantly see how this would benefit their drivers and support their operations.

“VisiLevel provides automatic product identification by measuring the volume, temperature, density and colour, it then uses this information to directly update the OptiMate console. This process, eliminates driver keying errors and maintains product integrity from loading to the delivery point.

“StockSmart provides fuel security, each product movement, regardless of whether a pump or meter is used, is date, time and location stamped, giving an audit trail that is second to none. End of shift reports identify any stock variations, guaranteeing the security of both your onboard product and tanker. Alarms are also in place to alert the tanker owner of any unauthorised product movements, safeguarding product security.

“We’re delighted to be able to demonstrate our offering in such a unique and hands-on manner,” added Brad.

To book a no-obligation demo today, simply contact