Mabalive: the real deal for deal administration

There are various software innovations that benefit the fuel distribution sector and here we take an in-depth look at one particular platform that has continually evolved since launch to be at the forefront of efficient deal administration.

With various software innovations benefiting the fuel distribution sector, we take an in-depth look at one particular platform that has continually evolved since launch to be at the forefront of efficient deal administration.

The administration associated with commercial fuel purchasing can be complex and time consuming. Mabalive, Mabanaft’s secure online platform, has been specifically developed to help make deal administration easier, more accurate and more efficient.

Originally created to give customers access to live pricing and instant online ordering, the system has evolved over time to allow deals to be tracked, with regularly updated reporting, from lifting at the terminal right through to final invoicing. We take a look at what it offers and how it is regarded by those using it.

At-a-glance overview and detailed reporting

 The Mabalive dashboard gives a valuable overview of the user’s account including recent orders, credit utilisation, moved product, invoices and releases. Easy access to more detailed reports on purchased orders, daily movements, remaining balances to lift, terminal release expiry dates etc., that can be viewed by day, month or year as well as filtered, makes it easy to find any required information.

Simple, efficient, and empowering

Having this level of information available in one place at the touch of a button, greatly simplifies account administration and reduces the need for calls or emails. The in-depth reporting also supports informed decision making and better financial planning and the ability to view term deal lifting enables live performance management, while keeping track of terminal release and expiry dates can ensure critical deadlines are met.

Mabanaft’s head of sales and marketing, Clare Charlton, commented: “Customers tell us they find Mabalive easy to use and say it provides unprecedented visibility of their account. Our experienced sales team still maintain regular contact with them and are always available to offer support and guidance whenever required, but Mabalive is a perfect complement to this, enhancing our high standards of customer service.”

Constantly evolving

The team that designed Mabalive have a deep understanding of deal administration making it a unique platform. It is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the sector with ongoing development informed by customer feedback.

Key features and benefits

  • Secure online system: Convenient, easy to use and available to view anytime from any internet-enabled device.
  • At-a-glance dashboard: Immediate account overview showing orders, credit utilisation, moved product, invoices and releases.
  • Detailed reporting: Monitor and manage transactions with regularly updated reporting of recent orders, daily movements and remaining balances to lift. Performance insight through term deal lifting and efficient critical deadline planning through visibility of terminal releases and expiry dates.
  • Account administration: Invoice history with due dates and online audit trail facilitates accurate account reconciliation.
  • Having visibility of your account reduces the need to call or email for information and saves time.

What people say about Mabalive

Mabanaft has always placed the customer front and centre of all it does. An annual customer satisfaction survey does more than simply allow the fuel wholesaler to review past performance delivering, as it does, valuable insight into evolving customer needs and guiding future developments of the Mabalive platform.

In an industry that can, at times, present challenges and demands 24/7, the ability to access the platform anywhere at any time, from any internet-enabled device, is invaluable.

With this high level of functionality and ease of access it is not surprising, that it has received glowing reviews from users – even being described as ‘the most advanced system provided by any wholesaler in the UK’.

“I think Mabalive is the best system I’ve seen. In terms of the new functionality, it’s great having visibility of my account details such as order balances, remaining orders and credit utilisation.”

“It really does save time, if I am missing an invoice, I don’t have to pick up the phone and try and get hold of the right person, I can simply view and print off a copy, which is a big advantage.”

“I’ve always liked the convenience of being able to quickly see prices and place orders online on Mabalive. Now, having all this information to hand makes it even better. It definitely makes my life easier and saves time”.

“As a stock accountant I find Mabalive really helpful as it gives me instant access to the accurate, detailed information that I need.“

“I use Mabalive to check order balances and lifting reports and make sure these match. I can also look back at previous invoices (which I can search by invoice number or by deal number which is very helpful), and print copies off if I need to. It is very straightforward to use and it’s easy to find what I need. All in all, it makes it easier and quicker to do my job.”

“Mabalive is a market leading system. It is simple to use and saves so much time. With regards to physical deliveries into our network, our operations team can see all confirmed deliveries and volumes at the touch of a button, which is really useful. I’m more interested in seeing a snapshot of activity, and the dashboard gives me just that. It gets a big ‘Thumbs Up’ from us.“

The fuel distribution sector, where margins are narrow and any time or money saved can make a significant difference to the bottom line, is one that has long been at the forefront of software innovation.