Space saving equipment for tanker trucks

The implications of Euro 6 regulations on the road tanker industry have presented many challenges for fleet operators.

With additional space required for the Euro 6 exhaust gas system and AdBlue tanks, the implications are not just in terms of the increased vehicle/equipment costs and the impact on payload but also the increased maintenance due to emission diagnostics says Emco Wheaton.

Through technological innovation, Emco Wheaton has made design improvements to tanker truck equipment that better suit the needs of vehicles with Euro 6 engines which in the long term, will have a positive impact on the bottom line.

A re-engineered electronic pumping system

In the re-design of a re-engineered electronic pump metering system, Emco Wheaton has not only made this equipment more user friendly but also ensured that its cabinet design consolidates a range of equipment in one lightweight, compact cabinet. Easy to fit and install, the M535 series brings the units down in size, so it can be easily accommodated on a truck chassis where space is now a premium.

Bulk fluids transportation

In the bulk fluids transportation market, Emco Wheaton engineers have met the space restriction challenge brought about by Euro 6. By streamlining and making their tank truck equipment more compact and lightweight, Emco Wheaton has ensured that payload capacity is not compromised by the addition of the emissions equipment.