Lubricants company gets worldwide seal of approval

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has given its seal of approval to the laboratory testing procedures of Morris Lubricants.

The Shrewsbury-based company signed up for the ASTM’s engine oil proficiency testing programme, a statistical quality assurance test which enables laboratories around the world to assess their performance in conducting test methods.

Along with other leading laboratories around the world, Morris Lubricants received a sample from ASTM to examine; each laboratory tested the sample and their results were assessed against ASTM’s benchmarks. Tests undertook included base number, density, colour, viscosity, cold crank simulator, open and closed flash points and pour point.

Quality assurance manager Phil Saunders said the hugely positive results represented another significant step towards the business becoming the first ever lubricants manufacturer to secure the UKAS ISO 17025 accreditation for laboratory quality.

Thorough and rigorous

“Our testing has always been extremely thorough and rigorous,” said Phil.

“The results we received from the ASTM confirmed that and ensures we’re at the very highest level in terms of our testing procedures in the lubricants industry.

“We submitted tests across a wide spectrum of different areas and we will continue to expand the number of tests we submit to ensure we have assurances across every test method performed.

The ASTM results come on the back of Morris Lubricants investing around £200,000 in new equipment to ensure its products remain at the very highest standard.

The company purchased a new automated open flash point machine, a top-of-the-range density meter, a new Karl Fischer to measure trace levels of water, a low temperate Brookfield viscometer and a high temperature high shear simulator.