DfT tanker update

Steve Gillingham
Steve Gillingham
Steve Gillingham, principal engineer – safety, dangerous goods division has updated Fuel Oil News as to the progress of the government’s supplementary research on the tankers manufactured by GRW Engineering. 
“The further work by the Department for Transport (DfT) to establish acceptance criteria for the circumferential welds of GRW tankers built after the middle of 2010, which could allow these tankers to continue in use for up to 12 years after entering into service, has been suspended as neither GRW, nor any other interested party, chose to undertake the necessary related work on manway flanges and bottom nozzles.
“This means that it will not be possible to allow the use of these tankers to continue beyond 31st December 2015. In the meantime, as originally planned, GRW tankers built before the middle of 2010, and still in service, are to be withdrawn by 30th June 2015 or when they have been in use for six years, whichever is the sooner.
“DfT has notified owners and operators of the situation and GRW is supplying new replacement tankers that have been certified as ADR compliant by a different tank inspection body.”
The DfT work to further assess the end dish to extrusion band joints is not affected by the suspension and is expected to be available soon.
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