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A&A Fuel Polishing Services
Adler & Allan’s mobile fuel polishing services
Last week Adler and Allan exhibited at Data Centre World. This two-day event brought together data centre experts and service providers from across the globe.
Adler and Allan advised on how to ensure data centres could keep running through fuel polishing and general tank services, as well as flood mitigation.
Alan Scrafton, Group Marketing Manager, at Adler and Allan, explained: “With most data centres holding large amounts of fuel to feed generators as back-up power, it is vital that the quality and cleanliness of fuel within storage tanks is maintained to minimise the risk of blockage, contamination or fuel system wear.
“In addition, flooding poses an ever-increasing threat to data centres. Businesses need to protect their assets, actioning risk assessments and implementing flood mitigation steps to minimise the damage flooding can cause. It is far better for businesses to be proactive, rather than reactive; think long-term and calculate the risk in order to protect these often essential facilities.”
Adler and Allan can provide regular maintenance programmes to ensure fuel quality, helping to reduce downtime and maintenance costs. Its mobile tank cleaning service can treat from 3,000 to 100,000 litres of fuel per hour.
The company also carries out flood risk assessments to establish a flood plan and then put in place the appropriate flood defences, ranging from lightweight demountable systems to its newest product, JBAR, a modular flood defence system which can also provide spill containment.