IFC exhibits depot and terminal equipment at the TSA exhibition

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IFC Inflow will be among the exhibitors at this month’s Tank Storage Association exhibition and conference which takes place at the Ricoh Arena on Thursday 18th September.
A leading supplier of tanker loading equipment and tanker safe access systems, the company offers a range of equipment including petroleum & chemical loading arms, tanker loading skids, loading platforms and gantries, self-levelling folding stairs, mobile safe tanker access equipment and high speed bulk loading systems.
Petroleum bottom loading arms – The 445 series arm is designed for heavy duty use at petroleum terminals and distribution depots. It is the ideal replacement for first generation arms reaching the end of their life and for new applications requiring high performance at a low cost.
Chemical loading arms – Articulated top and bottom loading arms for chemical and food applications. Custom designed and tailor made for individual customer requirements. Typically made from carbon or stainless steel, options include pneumatic control, overfill sensors, vapour cones, lagging and trace heating and PTFE lining for very aggressive applications.
Petroleum loading skids – Factory built & tested loading skids are ideal for terminal applications where flexibility and speed are essential. Offering flow rates up to 2500 l/min, high accuracy metering, up to 6 product arms per system, fully compliant with ATEX regulations.  Optional blending and additive injection control systems.
Safe tanker access – Gantries and platforms designed to comply with the latest work at height regulations and when fitted with our self-levelling folding stairs provide the safest way for operators to access the tops of tankers.
Folding stairs – Providing safe access to any height tanker, stairs come in a range of sizes and when fitted with an optional safety cage offer total operator safety while working on the tops of tankers. Options include pneumatic control, cages in special sizes and materials, press down facility and cage infill grating.