New loads for tankers

Lateu Logistics is to launch a new service. is a free to register web based portal, marrying hauliers and load placers.

Operations manager, Helen Lewis, explains: “There are so many sites out there that provide a similar service for the likes of palletised loads and do it well. But tanker loads can be a bit trickier to find.

“ is aimed at those that move any product in a tanker. It’s a fantastic way to create opportunities for small, medium and large hauliers seeking new work or looking for backloads, and to ensure that the load placer gets a fair quote for the transportation of their product.”

The service provides a cost effective way to move loads without the hassle of dealing with multiple companies.

Charlie McLoughlin joins as commercial manager, bringing 20 years experience in the tanker business. “With so many companies under economic pressure, this is a great tool you can access from your desk to find work and grow your business,” he adds. “It’s a low cost, pay as you go service based on a flat payment, not a percentage of the quote. This way we ensure that those who use our service know exactly what the pricing will be upfront.”