Cost effective depot upgrades

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Upgrade your skid with IFC
Distributors can now cost effectively convert existing loading skids from old mechanical registers to the latest electronic automated equipment with IFC’s skid upgrade kit which brings terminal loading technology to depot distribution.
When IFC originally started building skids for depot loading, electronic batch control was still new to tanker loading and was mainly installed in refineries and terminals. Although it offered many benefits, the costs were prohibitive for smaller distributors and many chose skids with traditional mechanical registers, presets and ticket printers.
As the advantages of electronic control and automated depot loading became clearer and costs dropped, IFC started fitting electronic batch control to new skids, mainly for larger distributors with multiple sites.
Why upgrade?
Although many customers have had mechanical registers for years, there are numerous benefits to upgrading. These include higher levels of security and reliability, operational flexibility, temperature compensation and data storage capacity.
Following years of discussion with customers and further developments in electronic batch control, IFC has come up with a conversion kit that allows operators of existing mechanical skids to take advantage of the benefits of electronic loading and control.
With a number of options to suit all needs, from individual electronic registers mounted at each meter point, to a central multi-point controller for the whole skid, all variations offer storage of loading data and connection to a separate printer or PC.