Clugston expands fleet

March13 em1 Clugston
Ready for action – brand new Clugston tanker
Clugston Distribution has announced a £1.5 million capital expansion of its fleet. 
The expansion is part of a strategy to increase the company’s presence in the fuels, intermodal, bulk powder and bulk ash movement markets. The investment, which will lead to ten new jobs being created, means the company will have increased its workforce by 25 people in the last year alone.
With the funds the company will acquire an additional 15 Renault Premium tractor units; five of which will be specified with ADR and Pet Reg compliance and will aid the growth of the fuels fleet on the Humber, as well as the start of the Teesside fuels operation in the summer. The remaining eight tractor units will be specified with hydraulic discharge fitted compressors for use in the company’s bulk powder operation.
On the fuels logistics side a new fuels tanker, built by Cobo will be on fleet in April and used in the new Teesside operation from June.
Commenting on the investment, Clugston Distribution’s general manager, David Heath, said: “We are extremely pleased that the group board of Clugston is backing our strategy of expansion in targeted markets. We are anticipating 2013 to be a successful growth year across all areas of the business and remain positive about reinforcing our market position with our current client base as well as new customers.”