Slow down – GO 20

Drivers to slow down to 20mph
Children from William Tyndale Primary School, Islington help launch the campaign
A national Brake campaign is appealing to drivers to slow down to 20mph around homes, schools and shops, and calling for 20mph limits in built-up areas, so that children and adults can walk and cycle safely.
The GO 2O campaign was launched during Road Safety Week through street parties and events across the UK. A survey of more than 8,000 children aged 7-11 by Brake, Brain Injury Group and Specsavers revealed that 70% would be able to walk and cycle more if roads in their neighbourhood were less dangerous. 43% said they have been hit or nearly hit while walking or cycling, and more than half worried about being hurt by traffic when out and about.
The GO 20 campaign is highlighting that slower speeds in towns, cities and villages can help deliver a post-2012 legacy of active communities, and prevent pedestrian and cyclist casualties, which increased in 2011. Many authorities are already recognising the benefits of 20mph by implementing town and city-wide 20 limits.