Strategic industry partnership expands product offering and boosts services

Liquid and gas engineering solution organisation, Flotech Performance Systems Ltd has announced an enhanced strategic partnership with Woodfield Systems International.

A strategic partnership between Flotech Performance Systems Ltd and Woodfield Systems International.

Under this new agreement, Flotech, part of the Adler and Allan Group, will become the UK Master Distributor for all marine loading arms, distribution loading arms, and spares.

Flotech will work with the Woodfield team to provide unparalleled services, site installation, commissioning, and support for all existing and new marine loading arm and distribution loading arm installations in UK. 

Seamless integration

Tom Sadler, Commercial Director at Flotech said: “This collaboration leverages the global expertise and legacy of a century of Woodfield Systems, seamlessly integrating with Flotech’s local capabilities to deliver excellence across the board.

“We are exceptionally thrilled about the prospects this partnership brings, enhancing our range of high-quality products and after-sales services.

“The synergy with Woodfield combined with the Local capabilities of Flotech expands our strong product offering and bolsters our collective capacity to cater to the needs to all our valued customers in the UK and European markets.”