New multi-channel fuel tank alarm launches  

Centre Tank Services Ltd (CTS), a trade distributor of fuel dispensing, storage tank, AdBlue™ and lubrication equipment, is pleased to announce that they have redesigned the CTS multi-channel fuel tank alarm.

New multi-channel fuel tank alarm launches

The CTS fuel tank alarm range has been on the market for over 20 years. The multi-channel tank alarm is recognised on refuelling tanks in a number of industries including haulage, construction, and agriculture, as well as on generator diesel tanks, and works by detecting and alerting tank owners of a high or low fuel level in their fuel tanks, or to warn them of presence of fluid in the bund.

Easier to install

Rob Terry, Technical Director of CTS, explained more about the new alarm: “The CTS Fuel Tank Level Alarm box has been redesigned to make it easier for tank manufacturers and engineers to install. It benefits from the same functionality but now has external mounting lugs for easier installation without the need to open up the box until it is being wired on site, as well as incorporating captive screws on the enclosure lid to prevent installers from accidentally dropping and losing them inside the bund.

“The tank alarm box now has a raised sounder on the front of the alarm for an increased sound range and to prevent water ingress.”

“The tank alarm box now has a raised sounder on the front of the alarm for an increased sound range and to prevent water ingress. A rain drip guard now protects the decal for added protection from wet weather, allowing water to run off easily, improving visibility of the light up panel.

 “Cable gland positioning has been improved,” Rob continued, “with 7 cable glands on the bottom of the box with a larger gland for easy fitting of a 1.5mm2 mains cable. Our alarms are now also supplied with gland plugs for any unused cable glands to stop water from entering the enclosure.

Three functions

“The CTS Fuel Tank Alarm still has three functions; to detect and warn of a tank overfill, to alert of a high or low level of fuel, and to warn tank owners if there is a leak inside the bund. Each can be customised based upon the user’s requirements and fuel tank needs.

“Aside from the new features, the top mounted flashing orange strobe, weatherproof IP55 rating, test and mute functions and automatic reversed float logic for low channels, remain as features of this alarm. There are a number of different variations you can choose from depending upon your requirements, from alarm box only, to options with relay/s for connecting external equipment such as gauges or building management systems, or for using as a pump on/off control.”