New Qmerit and Jumptech partnership accelerates fleet charge point installation

Qmerit, an EV and electrification company for residential and commercial applications, is partnering with Jumptech, a platform for managing green tech installations and deployment. The partnership will expedite work-order distribution and scale up capacity to serve UK fleet customers. Jumptech and Qmerit’s established ecosystems of installation partners, combined with Qmerit’s service management capability, bring a new proposition to the market.

New Qmerit and Jumptech partnership accelerates fleet charge point installation

An accelerated transition

Through this collaboration, UK automotive OEMs, EVSE manufacturers, car dealerships and fleet management companies (FMCs) can seamlessly facilitate charge point installation for EV fleets – enabling fleet operators to accelerate their transition towards EVs both at home and at work.

Fleet managers can also stay updated without direct involvement in the installation process.
The specialist fleet workflow will not only simplify handling of quote approvals to FMCs, but
also allow real-time communication among FMCs, Qmerit and installers for a frictionless
installation process. And the ability to track and keep drivers informed throughout the
process will optimise EV drivers’ experiences.

Commitment to excellence

This commitment to transparency and quality control will ensure that every interaction, from enquiry to charge-point installation, aligns seamlessly with Qmerit and Jumptech’s commitment to excellence.

“We’re proud to welcome Qmerit to the Jumptech ecosystem, bringing their high-quality installation management services to the UK,” said Jumptech CEO, Charlie Bodycote.

“Partnerships such as these have been key to Qmerit’s ascent to singular market leadership – with our customers benefiting most,” added Qmerit COO, Oliver Phillips. “And our new partnership with Jumptech will add significant, lasting benefits for UK customers and electricians alike.”