Welsh strategy supports 2050 net zero heat targets

The Welsh Government has launched a consultation on its Heat Strategy for Wales, designed to support its commitment to achieve net zero by 2050. As well as mapping out the path to net zero across all sectors, it also acknowledges that the degree to which consumers engage and accept new low carbon technologies, will affect the speed and scale of the transition.

A greater challenge

Welsh homes are some of the oldest and least efficient in Europe, with almost 20% (277,000) off the gas grid, which means the scale of change required is greater than in other areas of the UK. There is also a huge financial challenge as approximately 45% of Welsh households are currently in fuel poverty. On top of this, emissions from industry account for a greater percentage of Welsh emissions than the UK average.

The Strategy aims to provide a clear framework to support net zero homes across all sectors and emphasises that every homeowner and landlord will be empowered to make the right choices to decarbonise their homes. It’s very much a strategy for the long-term, reflecting the sheer scale of the challenges, the variety of solutions and the range of interventions needed to drive change.