Green Biofuels launches Ireland’s first low-carbon fuel terminal

Leading UK biofuel supplier Green Biofuels Limited (GBF) announced the launch, in February, of Ireland’s first renewable biofuel terminal in Cork Harbour through its Irish business Green D Project Limited.

Green Biofuels celebrates as first cargo of Gd+ HVO arrives in Cork

The first cargo delivery into the new bulk storage facility was a vessel of Gd+ HVO which arrived on 11th January. The new terminal is a major commitment by GBF to Ireland’s cleaner energy infrastructure for transport and generator power, further accelerating the transition to Net Zero.

GBF has supplied in excess of 200 million litres of its flagship product, Gd+ HVO, to the UK over the past year and this significant investment in Ireland extends the opportunity for continued growth in distribution. The terminal will act as an import facility to service the growing demand for HVO in Ireland, as well as a blending/export facility to enable the collection and use of renewable fuels overseas.

The project sees new life breathed into the disused 50-year old bulk liquid storage facility at the Port of Cork that has sat idle for over 10 years and serves as a springboard for Ireland’s ambitions to decarbonise.

Committed to making a difference

Magnus Hammick, COO, GBF, said: “We are really excited about this project and constructing the first low-carbon fuel terminal in Ireland in support of its Climate Action plan. We are committed to making a difference in every possible situation, and the low-carbon fuel terminal will allow us to expand our supply and grant our customers the ability to make a positive change by significantly reducing their carbon emissions and improving local air quality by using our drop-in replacement fuels. No capex or infrastructure a simple switch from Diesel to Gd+ HVO.”

GBF took ownership of the facility in the second half of 2022, and the renovation of the facility was a three-phase plan, in order to get the terminal operating as quickly and efficiently as possible. A third-party operator will be appointed to run and maintain the terminal.

A spokesperson for the Port of Cork Company Ltd congratulated Green Biofuels on the achievement commenting: “It has been great to see Green Biofuels get to this milestone on their plans. We look forward to a long future of collaboration between Port of Cork Company and GBF as they grow their business and presence in this space.”