New fuel transfer service will relieve fuel supply bottlenecks

Stanlow Terminals has announced a new ship-to-ship fuel transfer service on the River Mersey that will boost capacity, efficiency and environmental performance as well as debottlenecking product movements.

A new ship-to-ship fuel transfer service unveiled at Tranmere Terminals will boost capacity, efficiency and environmental performance as well as debottlenecking product movements.

In partnership with Peel Ports Group (PPG) the new ship-to-ship (STS) fuel transfer service will enable larger ships to transport products directly from Tranmere to a wide range of international destinations.

Stanlow Terminals is continuously upgrading its facilities through the ongoing development of Tranmere terminal, which also allows customers to unlock spare jetty capacity and increase their capabilities in accessing Stanlow Terminals deep water facility.

Reduced delivery times

The STS Transfers will significantly save time and lower costs, allowing the import and export of much larger cargos than previously possible.

Previously larger cargos would be transhipped to and from larger vessels by smaller vessels based at European ports such as Rotterdam, subsequently adding costs and time to the import and export process. The new Tranmere STS Service will remove these requirements, helping reduce delivery times.

Tranmere Terminals has now successfully completed STS transfers which took place this summer and involved three successful transfers. Overall, the new STS Service has the capacity to transfer up to 160,000 tonnes of fuel each month.

This innovative new service has been delivered by a partnership of several organisations including STS Marine Solutions Ltd, Royal Haskoning DHV, Carmet Tugs, Briggs Marine, Liverpool Pilots and Svitzer Towage.

Expanding options and opportunities

The new STS operation allows the flexibility of debottlenecking the product offering for customers as all products, including biofuels can now be imported or exported. (Previously this was only capable from Stanlow).

Michael Gaynon, Chief Executive at Stanlow Terminals Ltd said: “We are delighted to welcome this new service, not only will it enable greater fuel loads to be imported and exported from Tranmere but will also significantly expand options and opportunities for our customers.

Phil Hall, Port Director Mersey Division at Peel Ports Group said: “Providing STS transfers on the Mersey will bring about numerous benefits, not least attracting business into the local area as more transfers are carried out on a regular basis helping save emissions, costs and time.”