UK’s first in-land HVO fuel terminal launches with Gd+ diesel replacement

Businesses and other fuel suppliers across the country can now access over half a million litres of drop-in diesel replacement fuel from Craggs Energy’s Head Office in Hebden Bridge, and its largest fuel terminal in Padiham, Lancashire.

Craggs Energy Selects Green Biofuels’ Gd+ HVO for launch of UK’s first in-land HVO fuel terminal to provide drop-in renewable alternative to red and white diesel

Craggs Energy has selected Green Biofuels’ Gd+ HVO to provide B2B suppliers, customers and businesses a renewable alternative to both red and white diesel. The fuel can be used in any diesel engine without prior modifications with emissions reductions of up to 85% in particulates, and up to 30% in NOx, thanks to an additive not found in any other HVO fuel available to the UK market.

Reliable supply

Matthew Crockett, managing director at Craggs Energy comments: “This is a huge achievement for Craggs Energy, and we are delighted to be working with GBF as an authorised distributor to supply this drop-in, renewable diesel that reduces carbon (CO2e) emissions by up to ninety percent.

“We have already had a big uptake from our existing customers and businesses such as Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate and Pavertec who have made the commitment to reducing their CO2e output.

Now that a number of industries are no longer entitled to use rebated red diesel it’s more important than ever that businesses have a reliable source of an alternative diesel to keep their fleet and operations running smoothly. From our hubs within the heart of the UK, we are looking to considerably grow our coverage and supply of Gd+ HVO Fuel.”

Demand resilience

Magnus Hammick, chief operating officer at GBF said: “This is another step forward in the switch to alternative fuels and we are happy to be working with a highly reputable and innovative fuel supplier such as Craggs Energy to grow our network and engage businesses to convert to this cleaner and renewable fuel.

“GBF and Craggs have invested heavily in infrastructures, including storage tanks and state of the art pumps at their depots in the North of England to be able to store large quantities of our Gd+ HVO fuel for businesses and suppliers across the country. This is the first in-land HVO distribution hub in the UK which means we have greater resilience for capacity and demand.

“The response we have seen so far since working with Craggs has been very positive and we are excited about what the next twelve months will bring for this partnership and renewable fuels.”