Industry body backs fuel poverty campaign

Organised by the National Energy Action (NEA), Fuel Poverty Awareness Day aims to raise awareness of the challenges facing those living in fuel poverty and the importance of seeking the available help and support for those living in cold homes. Taking place this year on 3 December, UKIFDA is once again giving its full support to the campaign.

“Every year, the NEA does a fantastic job of raising awareness of the issues surrounding fuel poverty and highlighting the support that is available for people living in cold homes. For those struggling to pay for their heating oil, our members provide a range of schemes, including monthly fuel payment plan options, and encourage people to speak to their local fuel distributor to discuss the help available to them.

Distributor support

“UKIFDA members also offer the Cold Weather Priority scheme to heating oil customers age 75+ which enables elderly consumers, who heat their homes using heating oil, to sign up for prioritised deliveries during the winter months,” says Ken Cronin, UKIFDA chief executive.

“Looking to the future decarbonisation options for the 1.7m off-grid oil heated homes in the UK, our industry is investing heavily in demonstrating the use of renewable liquid fuels – in particular HVO – which can act as a direct replacement to heating oil but with a carbon emission saving of 88%. The upfront cost is typically £500 and takes about an hour to complete. This compares to the very high and uncertain costs of heat pump technology which could cost on average £20,000 to install including the required home upgrades.

“As part of our commitment, the industry has recently helped up to 200 homes and businesses across the UK to successfully transition from using oil heating to HVO.

“Rural homes need affordable solutions and homeowners need to be given a choice of low carbon heating alternatives that won’t cost them thousands to install – such as HVO. However, we need full support from Government for a wider rollout of the fuel,” adds Ken.

Those distributors participating in the Cold Weather Priority scheme can be found here.