Ford Fuels fuels rugby club’s clean future

The Bristol and South-West-based distributor, Ford Fuels, is proud of its forward-thinking partnership with Chipping Norton Rugby Club.

Ford Fuels has supported the rugby club in becoming fossil fuel free by providing them with HVO to power their grounds maintenance equipment.

Neil Rumary, Ford Fuels’ marketing manager, said: “We have chosen to partner with Chipping Norton Rugby Club by providing them with a renewable fuel (fossil free) alternative to regular gas oil.

Promoting change and sustainability

“Our aim is to promote change and sustainability and reduce emissions by using HVO as an excellent alternative. Supplying CNRFC with this product shows that emission reduction is possible with any individual, business, or organisation regardless of the size and emissions footprint.

“We are hopeful that other organisations will notice CNRFC’s actions and follow their example.”

More about Ford Fuels renewable fuels can be found here.

Helping communities on the journey to a low carbon future

Many of our distributors are helping the communities they serve to make fuel transitions on the journey to net zero. If you have helped your customers make the switch to low carbon fuels we would love to hear about it.

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