Nicholl Fuel Oils achieves a fuel first

Nicholl Fuel Oils has installed Northern Ireland’s first hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuelling facility at its Carryduff 24-hour forecourt with plans to make this new, renewable biofuel available across all of the Nicholl Auto 365 forecourts as well as available for bulk purchase in 2021/2022.

HVO fuel is a bio-based fuel made from renewable and sustainable sources such as oils, waste fats and vegetable oils. When compared with current conventional diesel fuels, HVO will reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90% and can be used in conventional diesel engines either pure or blended with regular diesel.

Managing director, Gary Nicholl explains: “The installation of our new Clean Air HVO renewable diesel on our Carryduff forecourt is really just the beginning; we plan to implement a strategic roadmap in order to roll this, and our Clean Air HVO renewable gas oil, out as fuel options across our automated 365 forecourts and it will also be available to our STAR and Nicholl branded fuel retailers. Our commercial fuels team will be on hand to process orders for Clean Air HVO renewable diesel and Clean Air HVO renewable gas oil in bulk quantities to be delivered by our reliable, knowledgeable and experienced team of drivers, many of whom have been with us for almost 20 years.
“An interesting way to think of how our new fuel can have a rapid effect on our environment is to consider the average driver who travels 12,000 miles per year in their passenger vehicle. If this driver uses our HVO diesel, up to 10,800 of those miles driven would, in effect, be emission free. Can you imagine the impact on the environment if businesses such as taxi companies, the agricultural sector and the construction industry, to name just a few, made the switch today and fuelled their fleet and generators with our renewable offerings?
“To be the first fuel provider in Northern Ireland to offer a clean, engine friendly alternative to the fuels market is important to us. We have been working behind the scenes for a very long time and we are very proud to say our Clean Air HVO renewable diesel and our Clean Air HVO renewable gas oil fuels are now available.”
Retail petrol and wholesale manager for the Nicholl brand, Margaret Gallagher explains why Nicholl Auto 365 customers should make the switch to Clean Air HVO rather than regular diesel: “With up to 90% reduction in net CO2 greenhouse emissions, Clean Air HVO fuel is significantly better for our environment than a regular diesel or biodiesel. It is a renewable and sustainable fuel made from waste fats and vegetable oils and it will reduce notifiable particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions giving us all improved air quality. Who wouldn’t want this for our future generations?
“People and businesses are becoming increasingly aware of our carbon footprint and it’s important to think about what we can do together to “do our part” for the environment.
It’s fantastic that Nicholl Oils can now offer a product to help everyone join us on the road to a greener future.”
As the new Clean Air HVO becomes more widely available throughout the Nicholl Auto 365 network of filling stations and bulk ordering, the company will provide all the relevant information and literature for customers to become better acquainted with the new fuel grade through their website, social media platforms and of course on the forecourts.
The team at Nicholl Oils welcome any enquiries regarding their new fuel brand and encourages everyone to make the switch for a better environment.
To find out more, please telephone 08000 22 44 22 (Select option 2), email or visit Nicholl Oils website for further information.