Watson Fuels carbon offsetting solutions

Watson Fuels has recently announced that customers can now purchase Carbon Offset Fuel from the company. A proportion of the price paid for fuel will go towards projects that compensate for the carbon impact of the fuel being used.
The company has stated that it only purchases carbon offsets from projects that have been independently verified against international standards, providing a robust methodology and registry process that ensures emission reductions are real, additional, permanent and unique.
The offsets are currently being procured from a range of solar and wind projects across India through Watson Fuels’ sister company World Kinect Energy Services, with all projects meeting the Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). The offsets represent reduction happening in the last five years and support UN Sustainable Development goals 7 and 13.
As part of the combustion process, all liquid fuels release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. CO2E (CO2 equivalent) is a metric used to convert the net impact of these gases into an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide with the same global warming potential. All liquid fuels have a CO2E conversion factor. Buying fuel from Watson Fuels means that a proportion of the price paid for fuel goes towards projects that compensate for the carbon impact of the fuel used.
“We were pleased to launch our Carbon Offset Fuel offering to customers this April,” comments Ian Probert, marketing director. “We’ve been fortunate to be able to leverage the expertise, scale and buying power of our colleagues at World Kinect Energy Services, who have decades of experience in both the carbon markets and the sustainability space.”
Any distributors looking to purchase carbon offsets through World Fuel Services, are invited to call the wholesale fuel desk on 0207 808 5137.