Industry response to PM’s 10-point plan for green industrial revolution

Responses to the Governments 10-point plan for a green industrial revolution reflect the positive and collaborative nature of the industry. Here, we hear from OGUK’s Deirdre Michie and TSA’s Peter Davidson.
Commenting on the 10-point green industrial revolution, announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, OGUK’s chief executive, Deirdre Michie said:
“We are pleased to see the Government is committed to its ambitious plans for tackling emissions in spite of all the other challenges we face. Our industry is already in action, evolving and contributing. We were one of the first major sectors in the UK to embrace the Government’s target to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson, by Ben Shread, Cabinet Office

The good news for jobs and the economy is that, with the right support, companies based here in the UK have the expertise to make us world leaders in tackling emissions, including through carbon capture and hydrogen production, both of which are key to the clean energy system of the future. Exciting new technologies and innovations need to sit alongside delivering real reductions in emissions and improved efficiency. Things that our industry and every one of us can be getting on with right now.”
Also commenting on the announcement, Peter Davidson, executive director of the Tank Storage Association, similarly expressed a readiness to collaborate:
“Meeting these ambitious commitments will undoubtedly require well-coordinated efforts and collaboration between Government and all partners. TSA members are a critical part of the supply chain ensuring existing and future products reach their customers. As essential partners in the energy transition, we stand ready to work with Government and are determined to ensure that our sector can support and facilitate access to the broad mix of solutions that will be necessary to meet the UK’s net-zero goals.”
The Tank Storage Association has set out its vision for the future, incorporating areas for action and key recommendations, in its recent report Enabling the energy transition: the role of the bulk liquid storage sector. The report can be downloaded here.