APEA webinar: challenges and opportunities of alternative fuels

As COVID-19 has stopped the APEA from being able to host its annual ‘APEA Live’ national exhibitions and conference, as well as their regular regional brand meetings, a new and exciting event will be held via a free zoom webinar.
The free webinar is taking place on Thursday 3rd December and is open to members and non-members alike.
Taking place between 14:00 – 16:00 GMT, the webinar topics include:
Regulator Update – Clare Scawthorne, London Fire Brigade
This will include the outcome of the Petroleum (Consolidation) Regulations 2014 review, what this means for enforcing authorities and new guidance in place.
Standards Update – Jamie Thompson, Chairman of the APEA Technical Committee
A short presentation and it will cover standards update, with info on Brexit and what it means regarding regs and CE markings.
HVO Fuel – Simon Lawford, Crown Oils
This session will ask the questions – ‘What exactly is HVO?’, ‘Why should it play an important part of the future fuel mix?’ and ‘Can it actually be greener than battery-electric power when it comes to total CO2 emissions?’
This session will explain all about this new green direct diesel substitute and why the government is being lobbied to introduce incentives for its use.
HVO – Challenges in the Swedish market – regulations, policies and technical issues – Magdalena Streijffert, & Quentin Gauthie, Neste Sweden
This talk will cover some of the challenges with regulatory matters and policy, along with technical issues regarding tanks, preparations of etc.
Petrol dispensing vs Diesel dispensing – Andrew Olive, Pumptronics
This session will cover iDiesel & petrol hazardous zones, hybrid commercial vehicles, stage 2 vapour recovery principle and requirements, typical application on a commercial refuelling installation. This will then lead onto the Vectec presentation by Bert Fowler discussing a recent commercial installation for a major home delivery network
EV Battery Fires – Lessons learned from around the globe – Dylan Evans, London Fire Brigade
This session will cover electric vehicles, fire safety considerations for lithium ion battery vehicles & infrastructure.
Find out more about this event here.