Free face covers for customers

Craggs Energy
Recent changes to Government advice on the use of face covers mean it is now recommended that individuals cover their faces when out in public to help stop the spread of COVID-19.
In a generous response, Northern-based Craggs Energy has sprung into action and produced over 1,200 face covers which have been distributed free to customers and communities across Yorkshire and the North West.
Chris Bingham, CEO at Craggs Energy said; “As keyworkers, we have adapted the way we work and our number one priority is the safety and wellbeing of our colleagues, their families and our whole community. We are determined to help as best we can and give something back.
“We already produce our own water removal device called a TankSponge Eco and we decided to engage this resource to start making the face covers. All of the face covers we have produced are free of charge and we are looking to supply two per customer with an instructional leaflet on how best to use.”
Lee Roe, Ribble FM director & station manager who manages the Ribble FM’s COVID-19 support programme said; “Craggs Energy has donated 50 face covers to our COVID-19 support programme which are designed to be used when out and about. They conform to government specifications for shielding masks and are designed to be worn when shopping etc. These are totally free and available to those who require this protection the most.
“There are so many people who just don’t get looked after these days but with the generosity of local companies like Craggs Energy and the exposure from Ribble FM together we are looking to change that.”
The initial response has been overwhelming and almost all Craggs Energy customers have jumped at the chance for the free face covers which are available to all domestic, commercial and agricultural customers.
Craggs Energy is also working with local initiatives like the Ribble FM Support Programme and the Overgate Hospice to provide bulk donations to local communities in the North West and throughout Yorkshire.