Adler and Allan’s new brand

As part of a strategy to bring its group of companies together, Adler and Allan launched a new brand and logo earlier this month, with the new brand reflecting the company’s enhanced range of services and solutions.

Adler and Allan
Adler & Allan has launched a new brand and logo to better reflect its enhanced range of services and solutions

The benefit to customers is a more comprehensive set of solutions from one customer- focused team. Bringing together knowledge, expertise and equipment Adler and Allan will provide market leading 24/7-365 environmental risk reduction services through preventative and responsive services and solutions.

 Key Adler and Allan facts:

  • Over 20 depots across the whole of the UK
  • UK’s largest response group with over 400 trained operating staff
  • Attended over 10,000 emergency pollution callouts each year for the last five years
  • 250+ UK organisations have emergency response contracts with Adler and Allan
  • Adler and Allan maintains over 100 million litres of fuel at client facilities annually
  • Completed 32,500 on-site tasks for clients during the last 5-years

“I am really excited to be entering the next phase of our journey,” said group chairman, Bob Contreras.
“The new brand and employee values will unite the business, giving us one common purpose, which will benefit our customers in many ways.
“A brand is more than just fonts and colours, it’s about the people and the story. As part of the brand project Adler and Allan has also developed a suite of new employee values. These were developed in-house by a cross section of employees across different parts of the business to ensure they reflect the key priorities.
“Where we do need to replace physical items such as van livery and PPE this will be done when the item is worn out,” explained Contreras.
“Afterall, we are an environmental company so we wouldn’t just throw something away that is still usable.”
Adler and Allan started trading as coal and coke merchants in London back in 1926 and since then, through over 90 years of steady growth and strategic acquisition, the Adler and Allan Group has grown to become Britain’s leading supplier of spill response, technical, fuel and environmental risk reduction services.