A plea for an effective supply chain

Earlier this month the UK’s logistics industry reminded politicians that a No Deal Brexit would break the prime minister’s promise – made in January 2017 – to keep trade as frictionless as possible.
“For the past two years, the logistics industry has been warning of the potential disruption and damage of a No Deal Brexit,” said James Hookham, FTA’s deputy chief executive.
“This could include short-term gridlock at ferry ports if customs’ processes and checks are not implemented smoothly, shortages of perishable foods and medicines, restrictions in the labour market caused by a shortage of workers as they return to the EU, and severe delays for imports and exports which would hinder the UK’s manufacturing and retail sectors.”
In the letter to the prime minister here, the signatories concluded by saying:
“Please be under no illusion that a rushed No Deal will halt Britain’s supply chains, and that will have an immediate and lasting impact on the UK economy.”

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