Winter brings rise in fuel theft

Ensuring fuel tanks are well-protected
An increasing number of fuel thefts have been occurring at transport premises where stock tanks are being targeted, with some companies having encountered multiple attacks where large quantities of fuels have been stolen.
Thefts have risen sharply over the winter months according to Fuel Theft Solutions with organised criminals using adapted vehicles to take advantage of the increased darker hours and tank positioning. Traffic noise and refrigerated units running, further enables the use of fuel transfer pumps to go unnoticed.
The company also points out that there have been many reports of perimeters being breached with fences cut or unbolted.   By drilling into the ullage area and passing a pipe through into the fuel, stock tanks have been targeted with a a magnetic cover used to conceal the hole. Other breaches have occurred where the top lock has been cut and the inspection cover opened.
Among the measures, the company advises to help combat theft are the installation of CCTV and improved lighting; the removal of foliage around stock tanks and perimeter fencing; the installation and use of audible padlocks and inspection hatch alarms; the use of security marked grease on the fuel tank and the use of DieselDye™ with signs warning of its use.